Thursday, 5 March 2015

More Role Models

I've just seen Jonny Evans from Manchester United and Papiss Cisse from Newcastle try to foul each other a few times. I didn't see much of the football. Oh yes and they spat at each other. Louis Van Gall, the Manchester United manager was reported to have said that his player should not be found guilty. On the BBC website he is reported as saying "I don't think Jonny Evans is a spitter. Maybe spitting on the floor, but we were on the bench and you cannot see from there." It's a nonsense quote based on ignorance. Sounds like poor management to me but Lous gets paid a lot for this nonsense.

The reason for this post is not Manchester United's poor management. It's not even the spitting - thank goodness we still have some lines that can't be crossed. The reason is not even that we have two players trying to foul each other and nobody mentions that they are doing anything wrong. The reason is that we continually hear that football players are role models. No they aren't.

Change the world

P.S. Jonny comes out fighting. He would never spit at an opponent. It is possible that he has seen the evidence and chooses to ignore it. This makes him (....) fill in your favourite word. Alternatively he did spit at an opponent and this make him (....) fill in your favourite word. Regardless of whether he has any idea of what he has done ignorance is not a defence in law and you don't need a judge to find him guilty of ignorance.

P.P.S. It's the same day and later reports use the word 'deliberately'. It doesn't matter Jonny. It certainly didn't matter to Papiss.