Friday, 26 August 2011

Who Pays for CRB Checks?

Isn't the internet wonderful! All I have to do to look at my previous blogs on any subject is to put in a few words into a search engine. I have written before about CRB checks and how the Soham murders were involved in the move towards greater checks, and how, ironically, they would not have prevented these murders. I have now reminded myself of what I have already written. For the record you can see blog entries on 13th October and the 16th December 2009 and 8th February 2011.

However I haven't commented on who should pay for these checks. Should it be the employer, the employee or the state? Well all of society will benefit if less crime is committed so let's go for the state. On the other hand why should I have to subsidise companies who have to ensure their workforce is compliant with the law? Let those companies pay. However I have been reading that east Lancashire NHS workers (I used to be one of them) have to pay for their own checks. What's wrong with that? Isn't it just like professional fees that have to be paid by the individual?

Well no. It is simply a cost-cutting measure by the NHS trust

If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I am not a great fan of these moves which try to protect the most vulnerable in society. If you are a criminal but don't get caught then the check is irrelevant. If you are a criminal but have slipped through the net then you will be identified and will face the consequences. If you have never been caught for anything then what have you to fear? The answer may be the CRB fee. You have to pay with the money you get from your employer after you have paid tax on it.

If you had to devise a complicated system to raise more revenue for the state then this could be the answer.

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  1. In education, the employer pays for them, but I wonder why they haven't set up a system of cross-referencing CRB checks. The reason I think this needs to be done is because peripatetic music teachers have to obtain a separate CRB check for each school they teach at. I have 4 CRB checks, but know of music teachers who have in excess of 10.

  2. The system is deeply flawed if peripatetic teachers are checked for each school they enter. I just thought it was crazy. How do we manage to get government responses like this?

  3. I think the problem with the system for checks is that , rather than going back to the original idea and ironing out flaws, they just add more bits of red tape. Cross referencing would be too sensible. CRB checks are something OFSTED has started checking as part of their inspections, as we were all asked to bring ours in, and the number of the certificate recorded. I would have thought that checking CRB certificates is something that the HR part of the school should do at the point of emplyment, and not something OFSTED need to look into, they have enough to do in the two days they are in a school.

  4. Of course you are right. I can see it, you can see it, everyone can see it apart from those who make the decisions.