Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gaddafi Photo

Why have we seen photos of the body of Colonel Gaddafi? Surely there was no reason for them to be released? Graphic photos of someone who has been shot should not be floating around the internet or shown on television news. This could be an incitement to additional violence by those who support Gaddafi or be used by them as propaganda.

It may even be the case that given the graphic nature of the photos they could pose a national security risk. All we needed was the transitional authorities in Libya to tell us that Gaddafi was dead. They are the good guys whoever they are.

Did you see what I did there? I used the same arguments that were used to stop us seeing Osama bin Laden's body. But do those arguments actually have any validity? Could the photos really be an incitement to additional violence, or might they instead bring a sort of closure to the episode? Or there is a third possibility, in this age of Photoshop, might they resolve nothing because of nagging doubts that they are real? What do you think? Did you agree with seeing the body, or would you have preferred a censoring of the photos?

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  1. He was a great Pan Africanist with beautiful Ideas,maybe he did not just take the right path to realize his ideas,who knows what really happened?We just see the picture painted by the media and those hunting Africans riches.If these guys love Africa,the should give their help where it is really needed.Stop the modern slavery and metal manipulation.Innocent kids and people are dying in Somalia,There are African rulers are worst than Gaddafi he at east developed his country.Take a good example of my country,I wonder what good our pesidenths done since his rule in 1982.oohhh i remember now,he changed the constitution to sit again after his mandate is over.Naeto don't see this coz we cont have oil.Wake up Africa,one love from Cameroon

  2. Thanks for your comments Tintu. It is strange to read that Gaddafi was shot in crossfire and then that he was executed. What hopes can we place in a new regime that shoots first and asks questions later?

    Unfortunately I think you are right and money is a big incentive in world politics.