Sunday, 8 April 2012

Does anyone support Trenton?

I don't particularly like sports in which the winner is decided in the first few minutes, e.g. motor racing, but I can appreciate that there are many who do not share this opinion. The boat race is fairly similar, in that the only action is in the first minute or two and then the race is over - except for yesterday.

Why would Trenton Oldfield, or anyone else for that matter, decide to put themselves at risk and stop the race? Well Trenton tells us that he was protesting against elitism. I suppose there is something in that. I have read that Oxford and Cambridge are not the best teams in the country but they get all the publicity. It may be that these two universities have the best two teams this year, I don't know, but this race isn't between the best two teams. Every year the race is between the same two elite universities.

Is it worth complaining? Well some would say yes but I say no. Accept the race for what it is and then watch it if you wish. On the other hand, if you believe it is worth protesting illegally then what is your defence if somebody wants to protest against you? The answer of course is the rule of law but Trenton has decided to break the law to make his point. However I also read that he was researching a book. Maybe it was a publicity stunt. However you view it Trenton doesn't come out in a good light.

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