Friday, 23 August 2013

David Morris: Putting the um into Autumn

I have prepared a few more blogs which are all based on the 'David Morris Reporting Back Autumn 2012' booklet. Then I realised that 2012 may not by a typo (although there are definite typos within it) as all the articles may have been written a year ago. It was just strange that I hadn't seen this booklet before, and now suddenly a stack of them were in my local shop on the newspaper shelves. It was good to get some feedback from my MP even if it may be a year out of date, but what had happened to the ‘delivered’ part of ‘delivered free at no cost to the taxpayer’?  Did you receive this booklet last year or this year? Let me know if you did.

This may not be as topical as I first thought, but still there was much with which I could disagree and much inspiration for writing blogs, and some of the things in the booklet are also mentioned on David's website, and very much in need of refutation still. So I may yet publish some of my prepared blogs, with just minor modifications. Watch this space.

So if 2012 is not a typo how did they get on the shelves and how do they look so new? My guess is that the shopkeeper isn't David Morris' number one fan so when they saw the headline on The (Morecambe) Visitor 'Our MP claims second highest expenses in UK' they just had to put out the well-stored booklets that had the headline 'DAVID MORRIS DELIVERING CHANGE'.

It sounds like a joke but what does David Morris do with £76,000 in expenses? Delivers change.

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  1. I have found another shop with a stack of these booklets (29th August 2013) so my first guess was right and David Morris did mean to write 2013.

    The booklet may have been written in 2012 but he should have known in which year he was going to publish it.