Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Why is Alexei anti-Labour?

I have always felt that there is a role for government in redistributing wealth. There is a huge social aspect to government. It has many other roles but I place the social role fairly high up. Having said that, I went to see Alexei Sayle on Monday who was reading from his books. He still has political 'rage' but he saves most of it for his stand-up shows. Alexei's parents were members of the Communist Party and so was he. He still holds strong political views and as you would expect he is anti-Tory. So why is he more anti-Labour?

It is a a fairly easy question to answer as both Labour and Conservatives compete with  each other as to how to implement very similar policies. The last time Alexei was on Question Time he was asked about the pasty tax. There was no sign of outrage as there should have been. He should have been attacking a tax which hurt the poorer members of society. In fact he didn't say anything. For him it was almost irrelevant as the Labour Party had blended in with the Conservatives.

Here is an example of the blending from the Labour Party Conference. Yesterday Ed announced what he hopes will be the main headline that Labour would freeze energy prices for twenty months if they win the 2015 election (yes the same benefit for rich and poor). If average households would save £120 then why doesn't Ed channel precious resources to those who really need £120? If this is so important to some households then why isn't he planning to give half the country £240 and nothing to the other half? Why isn't he planning anything that matches the Liberal Democrats £600 for the poorest? And this is the Labour headline.

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