Monday, 12 May 2014

Top reasons for voting UKIP?

There is a parody of a Ukip poster which may be seen on social media. To save you looking for it I will let you know the 'ten great reasons' that it mentions for voting Ukip. It is supposed to be a parody. The trouble is that I am willing to throw down another gauntlet (see previous blog), this time to Ukip and see if anyone wants to debate any of their policies. Here they are...

Scrapping paid maternity leave
Raising income tax for the poorest 88% of Britons
Scrapping your holiday entitlement
Speeding up privatisation of the NHS
Cancelling all planned house-building
Abandoning all action on climate change
Cancelling regulations to make banks safer
Abolishing laws to protect your human rights
Making it legal for a man to rape or assault his wife
Cutting education spending and buying 3 aircraft carriers instead

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  1. Is the rape/assault bit really true? Don't get me wrong its all awful, but I can understand how they the other points are allowed. Not that 1 thou, how can they make such a sick thing be legal?

  2. Thanks for your comment Jo. I'll write another blog about this.

  3. Surprisingly it was only made illegal in 1991, but that doesn't mean it was legal before, just that there wasn't actually a law written saying that you would break the law if you did rape your wife