Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Purpose of Blogs

I used to write a blog each day and sometimes more than one per day. I know that I don't publish blogs as often as I used to, but maybe that is why I received an email yesterday from a 'professional writer'. She was willing to write blogs at no cost to me. All she wanted was a link in the blog to a company. This might be fine for blog writers who aren't interested in writing their own content. It would also be fine for people who wanted to call a blog theirs when it was written by someone else.

Ghost writing may be good for lazy bloggers who don't want to write but do want ownership. The trouble is that I don't see the point of publishing a blog if that is the case - just read another blog. The ghost writer will never be able to write a personal blog as well as the owner because only the owner knows his or her opinion. Blogs are essentially written to highlight personal concerns, not to create links to American companies.

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