Sunday, 17 June 2012

Is the IOC right?

I am aware that some people believe that ticket touts do a good job (see my blog entry for the 15th July 2009). I am not keen on an unregulated industry even if it is open to everyone in places like eBay and doesn't just depend on which street you walk down.

Today I am reading that the International Olympic Committee is investigating claims that Olympics representatives are willing to sell thousands of tickets for the London Games on the black market. Well is this fundamentally wrong? I don't think so even though I disagree with it. I recognise that many others hold the opposite view.

Why shouldn't I, as a poor Olympic Committee member, be able to make a few thousand pounds by selling on my free tickets? If it is wrong for them then it is wrong for all touts and this was the basis of my previous blog.

If the allegations are correct, and IOC members have been receiving extra tickets in order to make money then to me it is obviously wrong, but I believe that touting is wrong. If you disagree then there is a case to support the IOC members. Why shouldn't I persuade my boss to give me a bonus even if I have signed something to say I wouldn't sell the tickets on. After all,, that agreement was obviously wrong.

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