Monday, 25 June 2012

It's time to turn when you are going the wrong way.

Did anyone see the Morecambe MP David Morris on Sky TV? He was talking to Kay Burley a couple of weeks ago about the the Government’s change of mind over a VAT rise for the sale of park homes and from the report in my local newspaper, The Visitor, the exchange became quite heated when Kay repeatedly asked about the u-turn.

David's opinion was that the Government had made a decision, then consulted on it and then responded to the public consultation (by changing its mind). He didn't quite grasp that a change of mind via consultation could be perceived as a u-turn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing one's mind after consultation if that is the right thing to do. It takes a strong person to admit to their mistakes. The problem is that politicians don't like to be seen as strong when it comes to u-turns. In fact they think they are weak because it could be interpreted that they have made a mistake. They certainly don't want to be labelled as a person who makes u-turns. That's a pity because we obviously have to find a new label that means u-turn so that it can apply to Mr Morris.

Mrs Thatcher was famous for not turning and I saw this as a sign of weakness as you should definitely turn when you are going the wrong way. I suppose the Tories have improved if they are now for turning. It's a pity they can't admit it.

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