Friday, 6 July 2012

No reply yet from Morecambe MP

I have written again to my MP about the House of Lord Reform Bill (see 'Will the Morecambe MP reply to me?' from the 27th June) . This time I let him know that I am writing a blog and today's entry is very simple for me as it is a copy of my email to David Morris MP...

Dear Mr Morris,

I wrote to you nine days ago asking for your opinion of the House of Lords Reform Bill. I think you should know that I am also looking at whether you reply at all as I have had people tell me that you do not respond to them (I have also heard some favourable reports).

You may be interested to know that I write a blog called Politics For Novices and I have written about our correspondence. You are welcome to take any of the views held in these blogs.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Gradwell

I have been told that he is a busy man. My immediate reply was that his team were not too busy to have three fairly long phone conversations with me about my voting intentions before the last election. I would also like to think that any business, but in particular the business of representing me at Westminster should be efficient.

Change the world

P.S I phoned David's office today (Monday 9th July) as the vote is tomorrow but the assistant did not have access to emails sent via the website. She will check and get back to me if they have not been received. However I did find out that they have a policy of replying within two weeks. What a shame that I only sent my first email twelve days ago. I was also told that two weeks was not a strict rule but I did know that because some people have told me that they have not had replies.

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  1. I know this might be said to be a cynical view...but...prospective MPs are very vociferous about how they will represent their constituents if they gain the seat. And when they gain their seat there is only one person they represent, or so it seems.