Thursday, 26 July 2012

Paying the telephone bill

I am moving house tomorrow and changing my internet provider. The way we move house in this country needs to be changed. I only found out that I was definitely moving yesterday but my my new provider cannot give me internet access until the 7th August. More importantly my old provider will still be providing for me until the 9th August. When I asked how I would not be paying the telephone bills for the new owners the answer I was given was to ask them not to use the telephone line. I can sleep soundly in my bed tonight.

The assistant on the end of the telephone line was quite clear. There was nothing he could do. I replied that this does not happen very often to me but it must be a regular occurrence for him. He simply repeated that there was nothing he could do and apologised.

I will let you know immediately if anything changes but the next blog may have to wait a couple of weeks.

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  1. perhaps you should have said that you would take your case to the ombudsman. I have used the phrase and fully intended going through with it. But it had the required result