Monday, 6 August 2012

Why is it so difficult to change broadband provider?

The news from my latest broadband service provider is not good. I was told officially that I would be moving on Friday 27th July only one day prior to moving but  I took a risk and paid for a new provider for my new house on Tuesday 24th. The first bad news was that the provider couldn't provide the service until Tuesday 7th. Unfortunately I wanted to keep my old number and this meant a delay of two days. I would have to wait until the 9th.

A few days later there was more bad news. There had been a 'mistake' with the order and it would have to be processed again. Strangely none of the details that they gave to me were wrong and all I had to do was confirm that I wanted the order processed again.  I could not have a service until the 15th.

Then more bad news. On Saturday 4th August I was phoned again on my mobile and told that the previous service provider for my new house (it has been empty for a couple of years) wanted to delay my service. I was told that they may try to contact me even though they have no way of doing so. Perhaps the person who told me this on the phone had not thought that they could write to me but I had already paid for the service with my preferred provider and it is highly unlikely that I would want to change.  

I was asked for my phone number. I said they had just phoned me. They wanted the landline and I asked if they didn't already have this information. They had been given this information by me on more than one occasion and they had given the number back to me on a previous call. I asked if there was anyone to whom I could complain, after all this simple transaction was becoming a fiasco. I was told that they would phone me back when they had checked out the information. I am still waiting for them to return the call (only two days have passed) and I have no idea when I will have a broadband service.

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