Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Monty Python would be proud

Following on from my last blog, I have just paid the bill as requested and then looked for the full BT Vision package. I will need to pay an extra £50 deposit for the equipment that is already in my possession. I will need to pay an activation fee of £40 and as far as I can see neither of these fees are on their website. I will need to pay £35 as an engineer's fee as my line speed is so slow. I can't see this on the website, so basically I am being asked for £125 as a hidden bonus for receiving BT Vision.

I have always asked for BT Vision and never received it so reluctantly I decided to cancel everything.  I was then told that I would be breaking my contract and there would be a charge of £197. I thought  was on strong grounds not to pay this as I have never received the service that I wanted and the service that BT chose to give me is still not present as I still don't have my old phone number. I have not been in court before and I don't want to start now so I decided to forget the Vision part of my requests and go for what BT have given me, the broadband and anytime calls.

I was then passed to someone else regarding possible compensation. I was looking at all the frustrations of not having a service. They were asking for my mobile phone bills. We were talking on different levels and I was not asking for the £5 or £10 it has cost me on this bill. If I wanted compensation of £197 because I believe that they have broken the contract then I would have to pay £197 to try to get it back. Any lawyers out there are welcome to comment.

I still want David to phone me tomorrow as I still want my old phone number, so I asked if he was going to phone at 5pm tomorrow. The time needs changing as I have to leave the house at 4pm. At this point I was passed to a manager and this is the Monty Python bit. I asked again if David would call and he told me that he saw that he would be phoning at 5pm. I asked the manager if he could put a note on my records that I need the call before 4pm. He said that's fine but I sensed that he didn't understand so I asked him to repeat what I had just said (something I don't remember asking anyone to do previously), and he said that David would phone me at 5pm!!! I repeated my request and this time he said that he would ask David to phone before 4pm. Unbelievable.

Needless to say I am looking forward to a new provider when my contract runs out. BT simply have no records of any of my many requests so they would have no counter-argument. How do you argue against that?

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  1. So the recorded massage saying that they record some calls for training is obviously rubbish. Have you tried telling them you are going to consult with Ofcom to see what actions you should take?
    Halifax didn't like it when I told them I was going to the ombudsman about something.

  2. They didn't give me that warning Sea. I did copy the four blogs, put them in the right order and then sent them to BT for their comments. I would like them to realise what a bad service they have given to me and maybe this will happen tomorrow. Did I just see a pig flying?

    I think they have broken the contract by not supplying the service that I asked for. They have come up with excuses but I think it is fair to say that they have been inept too. It could be that I take your advice this time.