Saturday, 18 August 2012

West Coast Train Line

It has only taken three weeks but I now have broadband at home since I moved house on Friday 27th July. There must be a better system for changing an internet provider as there were times when I felt that I had lost my right arm. However it is much more important for many other people. I do not have a business that is dependent on the internet and I do not need access for my work. If any politician wants a project then they can investigate how broadband is provided.

The subject for the first blog at my new home is the West Coast train line and how Virgin trains lost the franchise to FirstGroup. I have heard reports that the FirstGroup are going to pay the Government around a million pounds more for the privilege of running the line but that sounds like a reverse subsidy and I thought the Government wanted to promote train journeys.

There is still a possible case to say that train journeys may improve for the commuter. It may be that thousands more will now use the service. It may be that higher prices will still be attractive because of rising prices elsewhere. It may be that a change in the system will lead to a much more efficient and effective service.

The trouble is that I don't think Virgin were doing such a bad job. I have heard and read many reports telling me that we have a good service already. I can't see improvements on the horizon. I hope I am wrong.

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