Sunday, 23 December 2012

All in this together

There are signs on the M6 that tell you whether traffic is flowing freely on the toll road and these signs are just before you have to make your decision as to whether you pay the toll. The toll road is usually free of traffic jams because most drivers choose to avoid paying and take their chance with possible jams.

There are other signs elsewhere in the motorway system that tell you how quickly you will travel over the next few junctions but this information is not available near the toll road. Choice is hardly informed but you do know that you will be certain to avoid a jam by paying the toll. This is not a problem if money is no object. In this case the toll road has to be the best choice.

The news is that the government is looking at tolls to fund new roads so those who can afford to use them will pay for them. When David Cameron tells us that we are all in this together he must not be thinking of toll roads.

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