Thursday, 20 December 2012


Would you be more concerned if your child used the F word or a word like pleb? I find it hard to believe that Andrew Mitchell's friends are trying to say that an injustice has been done because there may be doubts about whether a police officer acted as a witness. Mr Mitchell has never denied using the F word. He should count himself lucky that he was not arrested as there are many who would have been for using this type of language.

According to the BBC, 'senior Downing Street source told the BBC that Mr Mitchell was in a "much stronger position" following the latest developments in the plebgate story' but this report also tells us that there was "no reason to doubt the accounts of officers directly involved in the incident".

Let's guess that Andrew Mitchell actually said "plod", and the policeman misheard. Mr Mitchell would have been glad of that because it allowed him to say, correctly, that he had never used the word "pleb", while diverting attention away from the true issue which was his swearing and his denigration of a police officer just doing his job. The media, in turn. would have been happy to run with that because they could hardly call it f*'%#£&gate.

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