Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Monument to Council Waste

I am still receiving replies from the council from the questions that were asked of me in the election campaign. Today I read about the council's policy on 20mph areas. It was interesting to read that the 'the current policy is not to include short cul-de-sacs due to the difficulty of reaching a high speed on a short stretch of road' as I had asked specifically about two very narrow and very short cul-de-sacs. However in both these cases the council had overturned its own policy.

My favourite quote of the campaign was from one local resident who told me "I defy Sebastian Vettel to get up to 20mph". He is right. It can't be done.

I thanked the council officer for replying to  my question and wrote 'It's a pity that this policy was overturned in these two cases as local residents will see the signs on a daily basis as a monument to council waste'.

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