Thursday, 2 May 2013

Does William Hague have nothing better to do?

I have waited till 10pm to publish this blog as the polls are now closed for the county council elections and I did not wish to give any publicity to the Tory effort that has gone into this election. However it is remarkable that William Hague has been phoning constituents in Morecambe South. At least that's what David Morris, my M.P. wrote in his tweet on the 1st May. I don't know if our foreign secretary and first secretary of state phoned one or two people in Morecambe South or whether he spent a few hours working on the phones trying to persuade Lancashire voters with his broad Yorkshire accent.

Regardless of the time that William spent helping out the Tories in Morecambe South, does he really have nothing better to do? Should he not be spending time sorting out Somalia or Syria or North Korea? He is currently, according to his twitter feed, hard at work on preparations for a conference on Somalia, and there is a "Huge amount at stake in #Somalia. Future of that country, stability of region and our own national security against terrorism". This is true, the conference on Somalia is hugely important, and William Hague clearly will have a big part to play in decisions that will profoundly affect its future. Still, he must have heard that Morecambe South has an excellent Liberal Democrat candidate and I can understand him putting world events to one side and concentrating on my area of Morecambe.

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