Saturday, 26 January 2013

How do you get the ball back?

Charlie Morgan is the Swansea ball boy who decided to go against his principles and hold on to the ball when Chelsea's Edin Hazard wanted it back

It is fairly obvious that ball boys should not keep hold of the ball and it is also fairly clear that ball boys should not be kicked. However Charlie has also been criticised by Pat Nevin who said "I'm very, very disappointed with how the ball boy acted. I say acted, he must have watched footballers the way he rolled around pretending to be more injured," My view is that Charlie could be on his way to a career in football as he knows how to get opposition players sent off.

Charlie did act. He appeared to be in a lot of pain, but if you have ever hurt your ribs then one thing you don't do is lift up your arm and gesticulate as your pain increases. Charlie missed that one as his expression was more concerned with criticising Hazard.

I hope that the authorities are lenient with Hazard who knew that he could not use his arms as that is a red card offence. The easiest way to get the ball loose was to toe poke it out. He didn't hurt the ball boy and got the ball back quickly. It would be nice to get some advice as to what footballers should do if ball boys refuse to give the ball back.

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