Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nuisance or Scam?

I have received three automated phone calls today two of which were telling me that it is important for me to contact them about a refund. It could have been anything that I have done in the last ten years and who can remember all of their financial dealings in the last ten years? Of course I am far too experienced to push any buttons on my phone which may enable the caller to take money from me.

Then the automated caller tells me that I may have received this call in error - you bet - they know nothing about me and don't even get a real person to talk to me. So if it is their 'error' I may unsubscribe by pressing another number on my phone. This may seem a perfectly reasonable request to those who are more naive. To me it is a scam at worst and a nuisance at best.

Change the world


I have just found (11am on 11th Jan) and signed Mark Hunter's online petition which may be found at

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  1. Not to mention the calls that keep your phoneline busy even after you hang up!