Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Labour know there's no money

There are reports of widespread cuts affecting local councils and it's looking likely that Manchester will close libraries and swimming pools. These are difficult times and it will be interesting to see how cuts are presented in the campaigning for the elections in May. I would emphasise the benefits of supporting education, and libraries are closely related to that. I would also prioritise health promotion and as far as the council is concerned this would mean sports facilities. Exactly the opposite of Manchester Council's view.

The Labour leader of Manchester City Council said "Manchester has again been one of the places hit the hardest by the government's financial settlement", but there was an acceptance in making cuts in that reasons were given to support those particular cuts. There were, apparently, not enough people using the libraries. To me this is a reason to promote and support them more. However it is useful to realise that the Labour council has accepted cuts and it is fairly clear that Government cuts followed the Labour years of profligacy. This was epitomised by the note left by former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne, who famously wrote to his successor that there was no money left.

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