Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tories don't want to be in touch

The polls have just closed in Eastleigh and the Conservative MP for Devizes, Claire Perry is on Question Time apologising for the amount of political literature that has been posted through the doors. There is a simple answer Claire - don't put any Tory literature through the door if you don't think it is important and have to apologise for it.

I make no apologies for the leaflets that I put through doors. In recent weeks I have also knocked on hundreds of doors listening to council concerns and then taking up any issues that are put to me. One of the most striking pieces of information that I have learned from this is that next to nobody knows their county councillor. It is not surprising because this councillor has little contact with the public that they represent and doesn't live in the county division. Maybe the councillor is a Tory and thinks in the same way as Claire.

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