Sunday, 31 March 2013

How to fix your street

As a candidate for the county council elections in May I receive many complaints and they often relate to the state of our roads. It's not surprising as they are terrible. However it is quite satisfying to receive a complaint like a pothole, act on it and then see that the pothole is repaired. I am not the county councillor but I am sure that the council is happy to get information from members of the public because it is their job to keep our roads in good repair and if members of the public do the monitoring then part of the council's work has been done.

A couple of days ago I was speaking to one local resident on this subject and he mentioned that he often uses the website called fix your street. I contact the Highways Department directly but he was more than happy with this site which deals with highways problems including street lighting, drainage, litter and potholes.

You would think that our county councillor would want to help with problems that relate to the county council but nobody has heard of him (I know because I am asking as I am knocking on doors). Well maybe the MP who happens to be of the same political persuasion  can help. I have looked at my MP's website and there it is - he gives advice on frequently asked questions which includes potholes. I clicked on the link and the advice is...I should contact my county councillor. No mention of who my county councillor is. No link so that the councillor may be contacted. No mention that the MP can contact the council. No mention that any resident can contact the council directly. No mention of any websites like fix your street.

My MP writes on his website "I hope that you find my website is both informative and easy to navigate".

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