Tuesday, 19 March 2013

News on the link road

The 19th of March is a significant day for the link road between Morecambe and the M6. It is the date by which the government is expected to decide whether to build the road and as this happens to be today then I am expecting some news. This story has been going on for decades and it is still mentioned on the doorstep.

The only news so far this week is a story from The Visitor where we are invited to take a 'sneak peak' at how the finished road would look. It would appear that the decision has been made as this sneak peak was published yesterday and the graphic artists have worked hard. Maybe the decision has been made and it hasn't been published on the Lancashire County Council website. If no decision has been made then that should be news too. Well it is the 19th March.

Change the world

P.S. The news has come through that the Secretary of State has given the go ahead for the link road. As the idea was first raised in the 1940s then this makes the 19th of March a fairly momentous day.

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