Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Good idea boss

Homer Simpson gives Bart three pieces of advice that will get him through life. "Cover for me, good idea boss and it was like that when I got here" and it is the good idea boss that inspires this blog. It applies to everyone in work. All employees need to be diplomatic around their employer and it is not unknown for employees to butter up their managers. However this is not always the case and there are many reasons why some employees can't do this. Not everyone gets on with their manager. Some people don't even take jobs because they disagree with the aims of the company.

Could you have worked for Gaddafi or for Saddam? Conscientious objectors may object to working in the armed services but I am sure there are many more examples that are much more common. A friend of mine once described his role of filling bottles of branded beer and then switching bottles to a cheaper brand. The beer was the same but if people want to pay more for the same beer then it is up to them. However there is an element of deception in selling anything. Today I heard that I could go to a car main dealership and order a part which then comes from another part of town where I could have bought it at a lower price - hey that's capitalism for you.

I don't want to pick on Carol Vorderman but she was the first celebrity I though of in today's news articles about debt consolidation. Those who charge for this service are not getting a good press and it is easy to see why. You are in debt and then told to increase that debt so you can see more easily how your money is disappearing. It just isn't logical, especially to a mathematician. Did Carol decide that her boss had a good idea and those in debt may benefit from an increased debt? Well there weren't many on the BBC regional news this evening who agreed with her.

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