Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Postal Votes Count Less

The thing that took my eye for the first blog of the year was an article in today's local paper about a by-election in Morecambe on Thursday 22nd December. The winner is quoted as saying how pleased she was that she "got 80% of the ballot box vote, although it was an extremely low turnout".

The results were 191:153:106 which means that the winner received less than 43%. I am not sure of the difference in value between the votes in the ballot box and those in the post but the winner attaches some importance to it. However she was right about the low turnout. I was at the count but I didn't hear the percentage turnout - 10.99%.

Here is the real figure. The winner received around 4.7% of the possible vote. 4.7% sounds a little different from 80% but it tells a much more important story. Does anyone know of a lower turnout?

Happy New Year

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