Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Suarez needs to learn a lesson

I know that I have already written twice about Suarez but whenever I hear nonsense then I am inspired to write a new blog. Liverpool will not appeal against Luis Suarez's eight-match ban (see blogs from the 20th and 22nd December). It is obvious to me that regardless of intent (which I have no way of knowing) Suarez used a word many times that was perceived as offensive. Liverpool maintain that he is innocent. If that is the case then they should appeal. That is what the appeal process is there for. However Liverpool will not appeal because they fully support moves "to stamp out racism in every form, inside and outside the sport".

Liverpool are confused. They either think he is innocent, in which case they should appeal, or they think he is guilty and should not appeal on the grounds that they wish to "stamp out racism..."

Even worse, Suarez will "carry out the suspension with the resignation of someone who hasn't done anything wrong". Those who do wrong have their sentence reduced if they show remorse. Well he can't appeal for a reduction in the sentence on these grounds. Could the sentence be reduced on the grounds that he did not use that offensive word? I've not heard Suarez say this. Does he still think that this word is inoffensive in this country?

Liverpool feel that "the FA panel has damaged the reputation of one the Premier League's best players", when in fact the FA has been insulted by an organisation that will not follow the proper channels and prefers to criticise from the sidelines.

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