Monday, 3 September 2012

Bad Timing

Oscar Pistorius has made the headlines by claiming that he was beaten to a gold medal by someone who broke the rules. His outburst came immediately after the T44 200m final and he has since apologised. Well that's what the headlines say but he has only apologised for the timing of his criticism. It seems quite a technical complaint in that the blades have to be in proportion to the person wearing them and he feels that the gold medal winner, Alan Oliveira had an unfair advantage.

I am watching the BBC 10 O' Clock news and again they say that Oscar is apologising but he isn't. Oscar felt that there was a technical problem and I understand that he did raise his concern prior to the race so maybe there is a communication problem as everyone else is saying that the winner won legitimately.

Maybe it is sour grapes or maybe it is a one-man quest for justice when everyone else is against him. Whatever it is it was certainly bad timing and we have an apology for that, but I can't help feeling that the apology should be about the insult to the winner.

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