Friday, 7 September 2012

Hillsborough Truth

The North West news today includes a story about the Hillsborough disaster because Harry Arnold, the reporter  who wrote the original article claims he was 'aghast' when he read that the title was 'The Truth'. He says that he wrote about allegations and it was a version of the truth. His article  had been written in a 'fair and balanced way'. It was only a 'version' of the truth. So what kind of truth had Liverpool fans urinating on a police officer? How much truth was there in writing about stealing money from dead people?

This version of the truth intrigued me. Let me use my imagination. Somebody spoke to Harry who said these things had happened and Harry thought it possible that the allegations were true. He looked to corroborate the stories and as they were made up he found no support. However the allegations had still been made and were worthy of the Sun newspaper. Harry's only problem was that it was one person telling him this and the evidence was not reliable.

Harry blames Kelvin McKenzie for writing the headline. I think Harry has to think long and hard about his own culpability. It wasn't a version of the truth Harry. It was lies. Don't just regret the headline, apologise for the article. Maybe Harry does apologise. I'll have to watch the BBC 1 programme on Sunday evening and who knows, maybe we will learn more about a cover-up on Wednesday when official papers will be released.

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  1. Hillsborough - Searching for the Truth was on TV last night. There were many harrowing reports but I didn't feel we were any closer to the truth I am not confident that we will be closer to the truth even when the independent panel of experts gives its report on Wednesday. It would be nice to think that the cover-up had stopped and that includes a response from the Sun's editor.