Sunday, 30 September 2012

John Terry's lucky escape

There are those who support John Terry and say that he is not a racist. There are those who feel that he did racially abuse QPR's Anton Ferdinand. I have heard that he was good friends with Ferdinand and he would not verbally abuse him Well he doesn't appear to be good friends with him now. If you have the money for the best lawyers then an element of doubt can lead to a verdict of not guilty but that is not the same as innocence,

I can't read lips and I have never read the actual words that were spoken. Most reports shy away from mentioning the actual words but I have almost seen the words in print except that many letters were shown as an asterisk. I would say that the expletives were deleted but you could tell what was said and it wasn't nice. Regardless of the words used, all you have to do is see the manner in which they were said. This was not banter between friends and if there are people who think that these words could be friendly banter then it is time to change their attitude.

It is also time to change the way that reports claim John Terry was cleared of racial abuse. He was found not guilty and even non-lip-readers know that racial abuse did take place. Football is competitive and aggression is needed but lines have been crossed and the wrong messages are going out. If this sort of abuse had happened in most other workplaces then suspensions and probable sacking would have followed.

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