Friday, 19 October 2012

Is George Osborne arrogant?

I can't read George Osborne's mind but I think he knows that he only had a standard train ticket today but sat in a first class seat. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he made a mistake when buying the ticket or maybe,as reported, his plans changed after buying it. Let's go one step further and blame one of his assistants making George perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing.  We have to blame the assistant again because, according to the BBC, 'An aide to Mr Osborne initially refused to pay the £160 supplement'.

The problem for George is that there will always be people who think that he was trying to cheat Virgin trains. At the very least it shows an arrogance that allows him to sit in a seat to which he is not entitled.

It seems so simple to me. If one of my aide's had made a mistake (I don't have any) I would admit to a communication error - it's no big deal. The big deal is the arrogance that was almost certainly shown (unless of course he is a thief). Arrogance by sitting in the wrong place, arrogance by not saying a word to waiting reporters.

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