Monday, 22 October 2012

You heard it here first

On the 2nd July I wrote a blog about the closure of A&Es around the country and in particular how the people of Burnley now have to travel to Blackburn. On the 20th September I received an email and then a phone call from a reporter with the Mail on Sunday. He was interested in my personal experience of hardship caused by a closure of an A&E. I had visited someone in Blackburn but as this person lived in Blackburn then this wasn't the story he was looking for. I did pass on Tim Farron's name as he ran a campaign against the removal of coronary care services from Westmorland General but I don't think this was the angle that the reporter was looking for.

On the 5th October I wrote that back in November 2011 Jerry Sadowitz was touring the country with his unique brand of comedy and had been telling anyone that would listen about the exploits of Jimmy Savile. Then today the Mail Online came up with the headline 'Why did no one listen to Jerry's howl of rage?' at The trouble with the Mail's headline is that they too ignored the howl, but at least they are reading about it now.

Don't forget that you read about Jerry Sadowitz's allegations here first, or is that second or third...

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