Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Vote for a full-time PCC

I was speaking to someone today who had been to a hustings meeting for the PCC elections. One of the candidates tried to distinguish themselves by saying that a vote for them would be a vote for someone who would treat the post as a full-time job. That's great considering they will only receive between £65,000 and £100,000. It wasn't for the Lancashire election but I would be embarrassed if any of my candidates were to say this.

I would suggest that if you hear anyone saying this then don't vote for them. How can they even contemplate a part-time role is beyond me and just by talking about their commitment to a full-time role means there is the possibility of less hours in their head. I would guess that many candidates are willing to give more than a full-time hours to the post so let's hope that hard working candidates become hard working commissioners.

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  1. Given the detail we have been can we realistically vote for a PCC? I have not had nay info at all. I am sure I am not alone. Given that they have to put down a £5000 deposit, exactly who is the winner here?
    It seems that anyone with £5000 to spare can put themselves forward for the post, then not give any further details to their potential electorate

  2. Thanks Sea. I have just written another post based on your comment.