Friday, 5 October 2012

Should we investigate?

Should the allegations made against Jimmy Savile be investigated? This is the question as I watch Question Time. Janet Street-Porter answered by  giving us the background details which mentioned that inappropriate sexual activity was endemic in the 70s. The problem with this particular investigation, of course, is that Mr Savile is not around to defend himself. It may well be that he would be arrested if he were alive. It may well be that he could have been found guilty on all sorts of charges, but all of this is hypothetical. What does matter is that investigation may set an example and act as a catalyst to changing attitudes in which the silence of victims would not be an issue.

This catalyst may lead to Janet coming forward with her evidence regarding her suspicions of illegal sexual activity. I didn't name Jimmy Savile in my blog of the 8th November 2011 but he was the subject of very strong allegations by Jerry Sadowitz. Who was listening to Jerry? Why was there so little on the internet about Jimmy at that time. The closest I got to digging any dirt was to see a documentary on the Nolans and this evidence is far from conclusive. I also found that Jimmy had managed to stop any mention that he had visited a children's home but that didn't prove any guilt. I wasn't convinced but Jerry Sadowitz was, but if he was then why weren't others.

There is hope. Any suspicions are easily checked on the internet. Mobile phones and technology in general allow support for those who are not in authority. Video footage was a great help in stopping the death of Ian Tomlinson being swept under the carpet. Prince Harry knows all about the use of technology at private parties. We don't have a perfect world with perfect people in it, but at least we have a more open society in which the guilty have less room to hide.

So yes, we should investigate the Savile allegations even though the police had insufficient evidence in 2007 and even though the BBC have no evidence of any abuse.

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