Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jake and Luciana - the sequel

Earlier this month I wrote about the Jake and Luciana Show.  Jake Morrison was a Labour councillor in Liverpool who had a public argument with his Labour MP Luciana Berger and yesterday I learned that he is an independent councillor. Jake told us that Luciana made his "life unbearable" but she thought that Jake displayed a "complete lack of teamwork".

The trouble for Jake was that he didn't really explain why he wasn't offering his support to his MP. He complained about being 'smeared' and 'forced out', but said little about why he felt he was being treated that way. The email from Luciana Berger that he published on Facebook spoke about "a comprehensive agreed script and process" which he was accused of failing to adhere to, but he never really addressed that. It was left to others, such as myself in this blog, to point out how alienating such a "comprehensive script" could be to councillors and to ordinary members.

I doubt that Jake reads my blog so he probably got it from somewhere else, but yesterday we learned that he doesn't "need a script to engage with members of the public. And if people come to me with issues, my responses do not need to be appropriately agreed by the MP."  I've already written previously about how Jake should be complaining about Labour's script, but I hadn't read about the need for Luciana to agree Jake's work as a councillor. It sounds like Luciana has been telling Jake what to do.

My main concern was about Labour's need for 'a very comprehensive agreed script and process'. However I did mention Luciana's reply that Jake's allegations were 'completely untrue'. Is that really the case or do we have a Labour cover-up? If Luciana wants to clear her name then she should be telling us that she does not interfere with the work of Labour councillors. The simple denial of any allegation from a young man who appears honest but naive does suggest a Labour cover-up.

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