Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mosaic Law

There are many adverts on television for companies that specialise in achieving the best compensation for you if you have an accident. Sometimes accidents just happen. Sometimes they are preventable. The problem is that on most occasions there is an element of both which means that the person who had the accident will have to fight for the best compensation. Hence the number of lawyers that are ready to help you.

I have previously written about the problems of a compensation culture and about claims that appear to be inappropriate. On Friday I wrote about a claim of abuse by domiciliary care workers. Today I saw an advert for legal aid lawyers who had cut and pasted an article about this news item and based their advert around it. I am not going to link to them but they are no win no fee lawyers so that should attract more claimants who would otherwise not think about employing a lawyer.

A cynic might wonder if the CCTV cameras were used not to monitor Mrs Price's "movements and to provide help should she fall when she was home alone". A cynic could suggest that they were used to support a claim for compensation. A cynic might think that no complaint was made to the care company because this would limit the amount of compensation. A cynic may say that filming a lady with a phone who can't use it was acting, and complaints were fabricated regarding the times that carers arrived.

I could go on but I think you get the point that there are two sides to every claim for compensation. Lawyers act for claimants, and other lawyers act for the defendants. Even if there is no claim for compensation this time the complaint has already affected Mosaic Community Care and that includes all those who work for this company. A compensation culture affects us all.

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