Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Jake and Luciana show

If you are prepared to join a political party then you should broadly agree with what that party stands for and it would be nice to think that you could assist in the political process by supporting that party whenever possible. This particularly applies to those who are elected under the party banner. So if the MP of the same party wants support from their councillors then it would be nice to think that help would be forthcoming. Life isn't that simple and sometimes people just don't get on, for whatever reason. Still, a councillor can help their party in many ways.

Today a public disagreement has arisen between a Labour councillor in Liverpool, Jake Morrison and his Labour MP, Luciana Berger. Luciana has made a formal complaint to Liverpool's Labour mayor and Jake followed this up by complaining to Ed Miliband. Maybe Jake is at fault because he did not 'engage' with Luciana. Maybe Luciana is at fault for orchestrating a 'smear campaign' against Jake. I hope the Labour Party get to the bottom of these complaints as I am sure they don't help the political situation in Liverpool.

My main concern is that Luciana wrote about the Labour Party now having 'a very comprehensive agreed script and process'. Are the Labour councillors in Liverpool in need of a comprehensive script? Do they have no independent thought at all? Who is making decisions within the Labour Party because it doesn't sound like ordinary members or even elected councillors have any part to play in Labour's decision making process.

I don't think Jake's handled this particularly well as he doesn't make much of a case for being badly treated. Maybe he has a lot more to say and will tell us in the future but he should have made the points that he didn't like working to scripts and that training should be voluntary. Jake's response comes over as naive but honest, so it does make me wonder what is actually happening when Luciana's office tell us that Jake's allegations are 'completely untrue'.

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