Sunday, 23 June 2013

Labour Cuts Too

Yesterday Ed Miliband told his National Policy Forum in Birmingham that he accepted Coalition spending cuts and would be ruthless on spending. He would not make any promises on changes to the spending plans set out by the Chancellor unless he could be "absolutely crystal clear" where the money would come from, as he set out the "hard reality" facing the party.

"Nobody here should be under any illusions: the next Labour Government will have to plan in 2015 for falling departmental spending. And our starting point for 2015/16 is that we won't be able to reverse the cuts in day to day, current spending unless it is fully funded from savings elsewhere or extra revenue, not from more borrowing."

The reason I am recording Ed's stance in this blog is because local Labour politicians are often seen to criticise the Government savings which are labelled as nasty or awful (or both). Well now they are 'nasty awful' Labour cuts too.

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