Wednesday, 22 February 2012

23 Years of Frustration

I recently signed an e-petition to accelerate the Liberal Democrat proposals to raise the tax-free threshold to £10,000. Not only do I believe in tax cuts for those who are less well off, but I also appreciate that I can participate in this e-petition and affect governmental procedures. You can add your name at

Another e-petition was set up by Anne Williams whose son died at Hillsborough. I would certainly have added my name if I had heard about it, as according to the people around him Kevin died at around 4pm and according to the authorities he died before 3.15pm. Time matters, as does cause of death, because something could have been done to save Kevin's life.

All Hillsborough deaths were recorded as accidental and all deaths occurred before 3.15pm, but why would the authorities get things so wrong on something that mattered so much? The answer is easy. They were covering their backs. They did not want to be held responsible for fatal errors.

The MP for Liverpool Walton, Steve Rotheram reckons that this cover-up was "literally their get out of jail free card". Evidence is mounting. Today I saw an interview with one of those who carried Kevin's stretcher and I also saw an interview with the policewoman who was with him when he died. I believe them when they tell me he died around 4pm.

We all know that huge errors were made and those who made the decisions will have to live with that responsibility for the rest of their lives. However, to me it is much more serious to organise a conspiracy which leads to three requests for inquests being turned down and to 23 years of frustration.

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