Sunday, 5 February 2012

Job losses on the Heysham peninsula

I was going to write a blog about The Big Questions, the Sunday morning television programme with Nicky Campbell as there are always points of contention - my main inspiration for blogs. However I was sent an email about the possibility of losing the ferry services from Heysham and this has taken priority. You can see the article yourself, not on a website related to Lancashire, but one that is concerned with the city where the business looks set to go - Liverpool. The article is here

If I were in the ferry business it would make sense for me to place my business where it could be accessed by many. I have campaigned for a link road for years, along with the Liberal Democrats who were the lone voice for its support, and they took losses in the council chamber for the sake of supporting the link road. What a pity all those voters who work at Heysham docks did not see this coming as they may have voted to save their jobs.

I don't want to claim the whole support for the link road comes from the Liberal Democrats as there are other elected officials who now support the link road but a vociferous opposition has meant delay upon delay which now looks like causing a further loss of jobs for the Heysham peninsula.

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  1. If they close the ferry port, the transport businesses will up and follow them...or at least I presume they will, as what is the point of having a depot without the ferry link, so more job losses...well not losses, but they may not be able to afford to relocate, and end up closing down.

    1. Thanks Sea. Either way it amounts to job losses for the area.