Wednesday, 8 February 2012

England need a responsible manager

Two days ago I wrote that Fabio Capello's authority had been undermined by the FA. It looked like the authority for naming the England captain rested with the FA and not the manager. As well as a lack of responsibility Fabio could not speak his mind. Now he has resigned but it sounds to me like constructive dismissal.

Maybe I am wrong and Fabio took the job with his eyes open. Maybe Fabio knew he couldn't name the captain or speak his mind. Let's hope the next manager is able to say what he thinks and manage the whole team.

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P.S. I just posted the blog and this quote came on TV from Fabio's son: "For the time being we are not going to say anything because that is the agreement we have with the FA". It wasn't constructive dismissal then. It was a compromise agreement.

P.P.S. The main article on the news is Fabio's 'resignation'. It seems that he told the Italian press that the FA insulted him and damaged his authority. Now Fabio and his son claim this quote is not true. That's just what would happen with a compromise agreement. I wonder how much this mistake cost the FA!

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  1. On a lighter note
    It is probably a good job Fabio is NOT from Scilly!