Monday, 6 February 2012

Is Fabio gagged or impotent?

Fabio Capello has defended the former England captain John Terry because the FA stripped him of the captaincy pending the outcome of his trial for racial abuse of QPR's Anton Ferdinand. There were two aspects that took my notice and neither concerned John Terry. Firstly I don't mind if a manager defends his captain as this may be the usual course of action. However, David Davies, the former FA executive director feels that he has breached his contract and the FA are taking the matter seriously. This led me to the main reason for writing the blog.

If Fabio has been involved with the FA decision to take the captaincy off John Terry then he must have been outvoted. In this case the manager must not have responsibility for naming the captain and that begs the question how much responsibility does he have? I would guess not much. The other scenario is that he was not party to the decision. In this case he is being criticised for expressing his view. If David Davies is right and Fabio can't do this then we have a gagging clause on the England manager.

The news is about John Terry but for me it says we have an England manager who either can't speak his mind or lacks responsibility.

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