Sunday, 11 March 2012

Anger at bird cull

There were two news items this week that involved the shooting of geese. In Darwen six ducks and a goose were shot dead in a park. The main response was one of outrage. Well it is a contemptible action. One councillor comments “I can’t believe the mentality of people who would do a thing like that...Why has he (the culprit appears to be male) gone out to do a thing like that? His IQ must be zilch"

The second item in the news was about the culling of Canada geese on Windermere. I watched the local TV report and the main argument for a cull was that these geese produce a lot of muck and someone has to clean it, particularly in the tourist areas. There are other arguments for a cull like damage to crops but I didn't hear anything like this for the cull at Windermere.

From the bird's point of view there is no difference to being shot in a cull or being shot illegally. If the only reason for a cull is bird muck then all the contempt from news item one could transfer to news item two.

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  1. Perhaps we should put the dolphins in charge? {Tongue firmly in cheek here}.
    Being shot still means ending up dead. I agree, why should the person in Darwen be criticsed for what the person(s) in the Lake District were told to do? And did the Lake District people take a moment to think that the larger numbers of Canada geese might be attracting tourists?