Friday, 30 March 2012

Thanks for the sensible advice

There is a lot of talk about using 'common sense' in buying petrol and using 'sensible precautions'. Maybe a sensible precaution is to buy as much petrol as possible, and according to Francis Maude this includes filling up petrol cans and storing them at home. Maybe common sense is to act in a way that may appear as panic. Maybe I need to buy a few of these petrol cans, as who knows what the future holds and it would be sensible to prepare for strike action.

Sarah Teather was on Question Time last night and she was repeating this sensible advice. She used a lot of words but I didn’t hear her say that Francis Maude was wrong and she was asked this question specifically. I didn't quite follow how the unions were totally to blame for the mess we are in, but that's not my fault as she didn't tell us. Sarah did tell us that strike action was unjustified, so it must be so. She also told us that ACAS had been asked to intervene. I would normally say this is good advice but what is the point if the Government has already decided the result of arbitration or does conciliation just mean letting the unions know how wrong they are?

We know that there are problems getting petrol which have definitely not been caused by a strike because there hasn't been one. Sarah may say that we don't need to rush out and buy petrol but David Dimbleby was quite right when he replied that we do need to rush out because there are queues everywhere.

Sarah had to emphasise that even if a strike is called they have to give a week’s notice. It sounds like she is on solid ground here and nobody could argue with that. Well to me this just reinforces the idea that I have to go out and make sure my car is full of petrol now as well as for the rest of the week. Thanks for the sensible advice.

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