Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's only a goal when the referee tells us

"It went in didn't it?" was the remark from the Sky pundit when QPR's Clint Hill heads the ball into the Bolton net by at least a foot and the goalkeeper hits the ball against the crossbar and out again. In the next five minutes the same pundit tells us again and again how bad the linesman is and how he is going to lose his job.

I check the BBC website and Jimmy Armfield has written ""It's in, we've seen a reply. It is over the line and Adam Bogdan has pulled it back. Unless my National Health glasses are letting me down that was a goal". Wait a minute Jimmy. You are only so sure of yourself after seeing a replay.

There is a large element of support for goal line technology to be used and even as recently as last week Sepp Blatter came out in favour of it. This is the same Sepp Blatter who wasn't keen on any change even for a short time after Frank Lampard had his goal disallowed against Germany.

The big problem for me is that nobody respects the officials. They may make mistakes but we all do. Now Clint Hill (I write while the game goes on) is openly showing disrespect to the referee, so why shouldn't all the fans show their disrespect even when the referee is right. The commentator tells us that Bolton should be a goal behind and they have just scored. No they shouldn't because to be a goal behind then the referee has to say it is a goal.

It's not about goal line technology, it's not about referees being right all the time, it's about respect.

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