Friday, 9 March 2012

Blackpool Prom Revamped Again

Blackpool Prom has been revamped. I was there around a year ago and the changes I saw looked really good but there was still plenty to do. A few months ago I heard that there were no kerbs near the Tower and there was a danger that pedestrians and vehicles would mix when they shouldn't. No distinction between pavement and road is bad enough if you have all your senses but I would hazard a guess that some people who walk along Blackpool Prom may have had a drink, and what happens if they are blind?

I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago and mentioned the lack of pavements. One person replied that he had seen the tram tracks being taken up again at great cost all the way up to Fleetwood. How can the planners get things so wrong?

It may look good in the news to read that planners had carried out an audit and Blackpool Council had listened to complaints but basic errors are being made and I don't hear any apologies.

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