Saturday, 29 August 2009

Arsene Wenger supports referees?

Arsene Wenger feels that one of football's oldest principles, that the referee is always right is being called into question because video evidence is being used against the footballer Eduardo. After looking at the video evidence (watching the news) I have to say that it looks like Eduardo was diving. Now referees do not always get it right and I don't think the referee made the right decision this time, but nobody is saying that the result should not stand or even that the referee should be reprimanded. I know that referees can be criticised from the terraces and from the media and critics even include football managers. It is not a question of whether the referee was right or not. This is a question of football's public image. If everyone in the world thinks that a footballer cheated and got away with it then he probably cheated.

Arsene finds it a complete disgrace the way Eduardo has been treated. I have asked a few people and they thought he dived. That doesn't make me and my friends experts and there is room for a difference of opinion. What is not in doubt is that everyone can have an opinion and some footballers cheat. It is very naive if Arsene doesn't recognise that footballers cheat. The only "complete disgrace" that I can see is that Arsene has made his "complete disgrace" comments.

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  1. Since the 60s and 70s footballers seem to also need to be actors as well as sportsmen. I sometimes wonder if they have classes in milking on pitch incidents. I know that some are genuinely injured, but there are also time wasters. Every injury adds extra time doesn't it?
    And is it coincidence that players faking injury seems to have coincided with the greater TV coverage of games?

  2. We all have our public face and as Shakespeare put it all the world's a stage, but I don't think it will be long before they give out end of season Oscars.