Monday, 10 August 2009

What one minute's applause means to me

This weekend football fans were remembering Bobby Robson. He seemed like a nice person and came across well on the television. Certainly many people have described him as a gentleman and he has received very many tributes. Among these tributes he was given a minute's applause before each of the premiership football games this weekend.

I like watching football on TV. Occasionally I go to a live game, usually Blackburn Rovers but I have been to most football grounds in the North West. However I am not a great football fan (some would say uncharitably that is why I go to Blackburn) and one reason for this is the minute's applause. It just makes me think that the fans in the ground cannot be trusted to remain silent for a minute. Silence is a much more powerful tribute. It gives everyone thinking time. It means that every single fan is prepared to do something. Some may not have applauded but with silence at least they would have had the respect to remain silent.

I don't like the way that footballer's feign injury. I think that top footballers are vastly overpaid. The way that footballers treat referees is appalling. There are many reasons why I don't go to football matches very often, but among them is the attitude of the fans. With the move towards a minute's applause my opinion is reinforced each time there is this form of tribute.

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  1. As there were no Premiership matches this weekend I take it you are referring to matches that were played in the Championship and other leagues. I suspect the move to a minutes applause instead of silence was because there was always a few who did not have the respect to remain silent which is much more noticeable than a few people not clapping.

    Having met Bobby Robson many years ago I can but agree with the term gentleman to describe him. I think he would have had some sympathy with many of your criticisms of the modern game although it never dulled his passion for the game.

  2. I used to enjoy watching football, but these days much of the "sportsmanship" has gone from the game. You often see unsporting things done on the pitch these days.
    One of the worst things I hate to see is a penalty shoot out, after there has been 90 mins playeed, and then sometimes a further 30 minutes extra time, and after all that, the match is decided on a penalty shoot out. Why bother with the game? Surely a rematch would be a better idea. No football match could be so crucial that it has to be decided at that very moment in time. A rematch would be more sporting. So...don't watch much football anymore.