Friday, 14 August 2009

Part-time MPs and Alan Duncan

The news on Wednesday and Thursday was that Alan Duncan had been caught on camera talking about the MPs' expenses scandal. He has apologised without reservation for saying that MPs have to "live on rations". Why has he apologised? Is it because he lied or is it because he was caught on camera? Well he says it was a joke but I don't think it sounds like he is happy with his terms and conditions of employment. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and think that he is funny.

It is harder to give the benefit of the doubt to Nigel Evans MP. He was caught on camera making similar comments about the poor salary received by MPs. Nigel's spokesperson tells us he doesn't need to say anything. Why is this? Has he spoken to David Cameron? Nigel may not need to apologise for saying that he cannot survive on an MP's wage, but he should carefully consider his position. He needs to show commitment to his constituents and you can't do this on a part-time basis. I think we need to know about this commitment. Take a look at my blog on the 1st July to see the detail on how to raise the esteem of MPs. What we don't want are MPs who are arrogant and treat the electorate with contempt.

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